A postcard of Ampelmännchen

5 07 2009

The Ampelmännchen is the symbolic person shown on traffic lights at pedestrian crossings in the former DDR (East Germany).

Before the German reunification, the two German states had different forms for the Ampelmännchen, with a generic human figure in West Germany, and a generally male figure wearing a hat in the east.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Ampelmännchen became a popular souvenir item in the tourism business.

This is the postcard I have:


A closer look at UNESCO WHS: White City of Tel-Aviv

1 07 2009

Name: White City of Tel Aviv – the Modern Movement
Country: Israel
Type: Cultural
Year of inscription: 2003
The site in Google Maps

The White City is the name given to Tel Aviv because of the large number of white, or light-coloured buildings built there between the 1920s and the 1950s in the Bauhaus or International style.

Over 4000 buildings in these styles can still be seen in central Tel Aviv; the largest concentration in any one city in the world.

This is my card of Tel Aviv:

I have also visited Tel Aviv myself. 🙂

Cats from Portugal

27 06 2009

Now that I’ve scanned my cat card collection, I can start showing them. Many cat cards are a little bit too cute to my taste, I like them though, cause they show cats! But I prefer the less cute cat cards.

I love the cat cards from Portugal, the cats always seem so relaxed when they are lying in the sun. 🙂

I start with this multi view of four images and five cats:

These two are a good example of  the Portuguese cats their lives:

The ‘guard cat’ 😀

And the best of all cards, isn’t he adorable?

Holland? USA!

23 06 2009

I find it interesting to receive cards from other countries that show some kind of Dutch ‘heritage’. This card shows the city of Pella, Iowa, USA. It was founded in 1847 when eight hundred Dutch immigrants led by Dominee Hendrik (Henry) P. Scholte settled the area.

In Downtown Pella, the Molengracht (Mill Canal) emerges from under the street by the 1850’s Vermeer Mill and flows the length of the plaza surrounded by 18th centrury Dutch architecture. Unique shops, offices, restaurants, lodging and entertainment facilites line the brick pedestrian walkways.

Shadow and sun

14 06 2009

For the photography project I blogged about before, I took this photo with the theme ‘shadow’.  The photo was taken just outside the Hospital in Vlissingen. My mother had an appointment and while waiting I took some photos. I think this one turned out to be the best. I like it how the shadow appears on the zebra

For the photo chain, I took this photo of an older t-shirt. I like the bright colours and the blue sky.