6 06 2009

Some days ago I received a cute postcard which reminded me of some kind of liquorice candy. But it wasn’t only the candy why I like the card. It’s also because the card is simple but with a great message, and so are the liquorice candies. 😉 I should buy some soon. 🙂

How to smile in other languages:
Czech: Úsměv
Dutch: Lachen
German: Lächeln
Spanish: Sonrisa
Finnish: Hymy
French: Sourire
Bahasa Indonesia: Senyum
Italian: Risata
Polish: Śmiech
Portuguese: Riso
Swedish: Skratt

There are many more ways to say ‘smile’ but the expression is always the same. 🙂



9 05 2009

Welcome to the “Dropjes,varieties of liquorice candy” blog. Here you can read more about me and the blog. Enjoy!