Please, shut up…

13 07 2009

No, not you, dear reader. That is what the guy on the right must have thought when the guy on the left started to practise his trumpet skills…. 😀

I took this photo at the Dutch Open Solar Boat Challenge in Goes on June 19, 2009.


Water photos

13 05 2009

For a photo project I selected some water themed photos. I’ll show them here. 🙂

Some weeks ago I took this photo of a fire hydrant in operation when a nearby situated cafe burnt down.

Unfortunately it doesn’t happen too often that the weather is in the mood to transform landscapes into misterious white worlds.  But sometimes we are lucky. 🙂

This photo was taken at the ‘Oosterschelde’ (Eastern Scheldt), the biggest National Park in The Netherlands. It’s a wonderful place for scuba divers. In the background you  can see the ‘Zeelandbrug’ (Zeeland Bridge), with 5 km’s it’s the longest bridge in The Netherlands.

And here’s a photo of the harbour in Goes, my favourite place here. 🙂